Our commitment is what drives the business
The company is Quality and Environmentally certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015 as well as being an approved supplier to Volvo and Scania.

Eco-friendly trivalent chromium bath & passivates
As the first subcontracted surface treatment workshop in Sweden, Swedecote installed an environmentally friendly trivalent chromium bath. We utilise ultrafiltration in our alkaline washing plant, ion exchange on our Cr3 + based passivation systems and evaporator technology to reduce environmental impact.

A proportion of the process water is purified by reverse osmosis and led back to the rinsing water. We have processes free of hexavalent chromium for passivation of zinc and zinc-nickel.

If you have any questions concerning "Quality and Environment", you should contact Jan Ottosson. You can reach him at: jan.ottosson@swedecote.se

Quality Policy
Swedecote AB provides electrolytic, chemical and mechanical surface treatment with solutions that satisfy our customers expectations. 
Quality is a central component of all Swedecote’s activities, from initial inquiry to finished product. 
The key to our customer satisfaction is the whole-hearted commitment of all our employees.
We intend to continually develop and work long-term with on-going improvements to be able to ensure added value for our customers. 
Swedecote AB’s overall quality objectives are that: 
-Every delivery meets customer quality expectations.
-Agreed On Time Delivery is fulfilled.

Environment Policy
Swedecote AB provides electrolytic, chemical and mechanical surface treatments, which places great demands on us to work towards an ecologically sustainable society, as well as to conserve energy usage and natural resources. 
Undertaking surface treatment in the right way saves resources through being able to choose less environmentally harmful materials and the life of manufactured products is increased.
 Swedecote AB intends to work for an ecologically sustainable society and to constantly improving our environmental performance and minimize our environmental impact in the business by:

-Conserving natural resources and reducing waste and pollution.
-Using as much environmental friendly technologies which is economic- and technological possible
-Influencing our suppliers and taking into account the environmental considerations when purchasing.
-Complying with laws, regulations and other requirements relevant to the business.

All employees must be familiar with and feel responsible for our environmental policy. All employees must work to ensure that the environment is constantly being improved. 
In order to preserve and renew our skills as well as awareness in environmental issues, our employees are being continuously trained and developed in questions pertaining to the environment.

 Stefan Wahlnersson CEO
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We supply surface treatment, assembly, packaging and distribution of products to the automotive and other industries. We are quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015.

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